After being married for more than 7 years and having kids, over the years my hobbies and interests have changed. 
Previously I enjoyed growing orchids, traveling around the world snapping photos as I went and making websites that displayed those snaps. 

Over the years I have lost interest in these activities for a more mundane set of hobbies.
Recently I was into running but in the last months I have even grown tired of that. 

My hobbies and interests today evolve mainly around the family, mainly consisting of cooking. This is in the form of Potjie(Stew pot) and The Grill. I have a size 3 Potjie pot and a Weber Grill. See pictures right. I like to experiment with different techniques and recopies. Im really interested in smoking meats with different types of wood to give distinct flavours. I also blog about this. 

I like visiting restaurants with my family and making reviews on tripadvisor, I especially like trying places that are outside of the norm where you don’t know what to expect. I blog about this also.
One thing that I am very passionate which hasn’t changed over the years is my profession. I am immensely proud of my career and I love to present at conferences and write article for the press on my latest work. I also write articles on LinkedIn. I have a blog for this too.