We are the Sarson family, Peter, Bronwen, Penelope, Amelia and Jasper.
We live in Austria where we have started our family.
We like to cook and prepare food together, drink good wine, eat at local, non chain restaurants.
Bronwen is especially good at adapting recipes and making something special from the available ingredients.
Pete cooks on the Barbecue and with the pot. On the barbecue he makes especially good smoked delights and great stews in the pot.
Bronwen and Pete have both prepared pages on their cooking and other interests they have.



Pete works as a Test Development Manager and has specialised in semiconductor test for the last 2 decades. Bronwen is a stay at home mom although she is a trained teacher.
Penelope is sure to be some type of artist in the future, however we will see what the future brings.
Peter originates from Sheffield, UK and Bronwen from Kwambanombi, Kwazulunatal, South Africa.
They met in Taiwan where they were both working as expats.
The following pages are by Peter and Bronwen and they hope you enjoy their site.